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In 2017, we established Luva Marketing, our sister company, where we generate leads for businesses through Google, SEO and Paid Adverts. 

Thanks to our loyal clients, our reputation grew, and so did our clients’ requests for more creative design services. We were soon being asked to provide other services, from designing websites, producing company literature, to creating corporate videos and much more.

Having worked with website design for over 20 years, helping businesses grow through creating marketing campaigns, we had the experience and knowledge of websites and company videos to deliver results successfully.

We expanded our in-house creative team to meet this demand and launched Luva Studio. With our expanded capabilities, we now offer even more innovative design services to support our clients.

luva studio team

Our Values

Our 3 core values at Luva Studio include the following:

Great Design

We create great design that has an impact.


We transform your business through designs that stand out from your competition.

Achieve Exellence

We achieve excellence in all our work through attention to detail and customer collaboration.

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